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Hotel Kok­ko­la — for a more acti­ve eve­ry­day life, con­ve­nient­ly loca­ted in the midd­le of the city

Com­bi­ne hob­by and natu­re acti­vi­ties with a city break in the stun­ning sce­ne­ry of the west coast.

In Kok­ko­la area you will find various hiking trails, inte­res­ting cycling and canoeing rou­tes, well-main­tai­ned and acclai­med golf cour­ses, as well as diver­se fami­ly des­ti­na­tions such as Vesi­Vei­ja­ri swim­ming cent­re and sum­mer crui­ses to Tan­kar light­house island. You should also expe­rience Kok­ko­la Natio­nal urban park with its sights.

Com­bi­ne acti­vi­ties to suit your accom­mo­da­tion and we will gui­de you to the right rou­tes, whet­her you are going for the greens, hiking trails or seasca­pes. During sum­mer­ti­me, the hotel has four ren­tal bikes from Lybäck bike shop, and it’s pos­sible to rent for example elect­ric bikes from them in advance. 

For motorcyclists, the coas­tal roads in the area offer seve­ral rou­tes wort­hy of dri­ving and sight­see­ing. In our came­ra-moni­to­red par­king gara­ge, the bike will also sleep safely. 

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